Our Alfalfa Multicut Scaligera

Alfalfa Multicut Scaligera: Multicut with rapid regrowth

High productivity, maximum yielding in milk.

 - Italian Ecotype, midledormancy group 6th.

 - Plant medium high, rich of fine stems with plenty of branches of leaves. High leaf-stem rating that gives in one of the highest-protein values.

 - Very leafy. Elastic leaves, resitant to crumble of haymaking. Saponin content is very low to reduce meteorism and swelling in the rumen.
Thanks to the deep and well-structured root system, it keeps the plant productivity constant until the fourth and fth year without relevant losses.

 - Healthy, and with high-forage value, thanks to digestibility and protein value. Optimal presence of avonoids, while saponin content is low. Rapid, blooming regrowth with a break of 24-26 days between the cuts.

 - We suggest 25-35 kg/Ha. Inoculated seeds are also available.