Our Ryegrass

...Diploid, Biennial Tetraploid, Westerwoldicum Tetraploid, Italian Tetraploid

Quick fresh growth

Diploid Sottile

Diploid species with quick fresh growth indicated for dry early forage. Thriving plant with elastic blade offers a good resistance to setting.

High quality forage

Tetraploid Biennial Furore

New genetics of biennial forage, ideal for a high quality forage. Very healthy plant, offers a very good resistance to root rotting and mildew.

High nutritional value

Italicum Non Alternativum Sultano

Great adaptability thanks to the strong establishment. Rich in fiber, and healthy forage with high productivity. Great nutritional value.

Rich in green mass forage

Tetraploid Italicum Kar Tetra

Very rustic thanks to its adaptability. High resistance to stem diseases and pests. Rich in green mass forage with high productivity.